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About a week ago I asked friends on Facebook whether they liked or disliked audiobooks. Like most things everyone has their preference – enjoyable on a long roadtrip aka a commute or at home while performing menial tasks. Still some prefer the “old fashioned books” with real pages or their new shiny e-book device. The […]

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How Chuck’s life helped shape mine…

This part of my story is long… I thought I had written it in a previous blog, but when I searched through old posts, I couldn’t locate it… I just mentioned in the post below that my mentor and hero, Charles Colson passed away a few weeks ago… I always marveled at his ability to […]

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Hello world!

Hello world!” is the sample post WordPress writes as part of its installation. It was also the first program I coded in college. Visual Basic? Haha. Yes, believe it or not, I graduated in 2004 with a BS Computer Science degree from Greenville College. Surprised, aren’t you? I remember bargaining with my parents in high […]

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