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I’ve been MIA… I know.

The last time I wrote on this blog was a little over one month ago and SO much has happened… First off, we’ve received over 130K signatures – which is over 100K signatures since I last wrote. This is amazing and has been done by faithful Washingtonian hands all over this state. We have seen […]

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I am working a full-time job.

You probably already know, but this is the second week of my full-time job. Last week I started working for Preserve Marriage Washington. We are the official campaign heading up Referendum-74. This referendum will allow citizens of Washington State to approve or reject ESSB 6239 which made “same-sex” marriage legal in Washington. Right now we […]

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Hello world!

Hello world!” is the sample post WordPress writes as part of its installation. It was also the first program I coded in college. Visual Basic? Haha. Yes, believe it or not, I graduated in 2004 with a BS Computer Science degree from Greenville College. Surprised, aren’t you? I remember bargaining with my parents in high […]

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