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Puppy Love.

There are times when he is a terror and others when he loves to cuddle. This is my favorite… When Atticus is tired, he nuzzles his little nose down into the crook of your elbow.  

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I love this picture of this lil’ Recycled Rover… I took it with my iPhone and edited it with the app – VSCO Cam… It’s a quiet night by myself at the Chapman’s home… my home away from home during my weekly commute for work.

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I’ve been MIA… I know.

The last time I wrote on this blog was a little over one month ago and SO much has happened… First off, we’ve received over 130K signatures – which is over 100K signatures since I last wrote. This is amazing and has been done by faithful Washingtonian hands all over this state. We have seen […]

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