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About a week ago I asked friends on Facebook whether they liked or disliked audiobooks. Like most things everyone has their preference – enjoyable on a long roadtrip aka a commute or at home while performing menial tasks. Still some prefer the “old fashioned books” with real pages or their new shiny e-book device. The […]

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Food on the road

Every road trip includes unhealthy eating… Yes, the hours are long and the convenience of eating out is nice… But also because the food is just so good! Ryan has never been to Cracker Barrel and I’m so looking forward to sharing that experience with him. We’ll also hit up a Chick Fil A for […]

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We’re taking a roadtrip!

So the photo isn’t entirely true. We are only roadtripping across half of the country. 😉 In just a few weeks Ryan, Atticus and I will be making our way to visit my family in Iowa. It will be our first major roadtrip together and I’m really looking forward to it… Well, mostly. Recently Atticus hasn’t […]

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