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About a week ago I asked friends on Facebook whether they liked or disliked audiobooks. Like most things everyone has their preference – enjoyable on a long roadtrip aka a commute or at home while performing menial tasks. Still some prefer the “old fashioned books” with real pages or their new shiny e-book device. The reason I asked is because about a week prior, I had my first experience with the Overdrive app on my iPhone. If you like listening to audiobooks for FREE, it is perfect for you. Well, as long as your library and Overdrive are friends. Essentially, the app connects with the Tacoma Library database of audiobooks and allows you to download an entire book to the app (for FREE!) and listen for 21 days.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love old fashioned books. I am 500 pages into Les Mis that I started last summer laying under the sunshine in our backyard. I have another book that I checked out from the library that is no longer in publication about Jonathan Edwards’ wife and family.

But audiobooks are so nice. And I’ve decided that most of the books that I will be listening to are not books that I’d pick up and pour over for a month or two, gleaning every tidbit of insight possible. These are books that honestly, “just caught my attention.” And in less than two weeks, I’ve listened to two. All while washing dishes, working on the computer, cutting baby wipes, walking the dogs and even making dinner. I like the idea of being exposed to different authors and a variety of subjects.

1) Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo – We recently saw the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and one of the previews was for the film based on this book. I had never read it and was honestly skeptical and expected it to be super cheesey and “Christiany.” And whether everything actually happened or not, the boy’s experience was definitely intriguing and I think I will see the movie… when it comes to Redbox.

2) Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter – I felt like I was becoming Novella’s friend while I “read”/listened to her memoir in which she shared the adventures in the garden she created on a squatted plot of land behind her rented apartment, the honey and the bees she raised and lost, the chickens, geese and ducks… the bunnies and her nightly trips with Bill to the dumpsters collecting delectable slop for her pigs. I remember telling Ryan that I “couldn’t wait” to listen again and see what “my friend” had been up to while I was away. And not so secretly, I wish I could have snuck into Chris’ restaurant and stolen a taste of Novella’s homemade prosciutto (One of my favorite things – ever.)

3) David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell – I’m going to start book this tonight or tomorrow. Malcom was recently featured at a Socrates in the City Event hosted by Eric Metaxas. I like Eric. I like his friends. So I decided to read one of his books.

4) An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist by Richard Dawkins. This one is next in the queue. Not much to say about the book, except for the fact that I am interested in hearing what Richard Dawkins has to say about himself.

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