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It’s January!

January 3rd, to be exact. The sun is shining and we (Atticus, Charlotte and I) are thrilled! And apparently so are the daffodils! I can’t believe they’re already poking their little heads out of the ground. Ryan says this happened last year, but I keep thinking about the potential cold we could be having in the next couple months!

So, our little spring bean is about 20 weeks along already! I can’t believe how quickly he/she is growing. Lots of people described baby movements like flutters or gas bubbles… but I don’t recall feeling any of those. I have felt her/him move like a cramped little guppy inside my belly. Squirmy little thing! We have also felt the baby from the outside. Sometimes he/she will float to the top of my tummy and we can put our hands around its little booty and head. So sweet! Almost every morning I tell Ryan, “Give me your hand!” and I lay it on my belly where the baby is. Such special memories and moments.

I decided to let the dogs outside to play earlier this afternoon. Recently, we’ve all been mourning the loss of sunshine and remembering all the days we spent in the backyard just a few months ago. Needless to say, they were thrilled! Chased and barked and howled and didn’t play fetch when I threw the ball. (This is normal. They are definitely NOT retrievers). Anyway, it made me happy to make them happy.


(below) I love this one of Atticus barking at Charlotte. It’s a common occurrence when he is playing with other dogs. And she doesn’t really mind the loud noise in her ear. She just keeps on digging.



(below) I love the look on Charlotte’s face here. Something must have caught her attention.


(below) “Who wants a treat?” Right before they went running for the back door.


(below) Someone likes the sunshine. Despite the cozy bed just inches away from him, he prefers to lay in the sun.


Atticus: 1 year 5 mo // Charlotte: 8 mo (Can you believe she’s bigger than Atticus?!)

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