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Potted Herbs & Post Processing

In my experience I have not been very good at keeping house plants and herbs alive. Not enough water, not enough sun, sometimes too much and then aphids appear. Something usually gets the best of them and it’s not me.

In fact, this is probably the third herb I’ve purchased from Trader Joe’s over the years… But I still love them – for their beauty and sometimes their edibility. This spring I bought this plant and soon after repotted it. Sure enough a few weeks later I spotted aphids. This time I took it outside and left it there.

Honestly, it’s probably been sitting on my patio planter for over a month. I’ve watered it a few times and it’s been doused by the recent rains we’ve had, but I’ve pretty much ignored it. Well, this morning I saw it and couldn’t believe how BEAUTIFUL it has become. The thyme has filled up the pot and begun delicately waterfalling over the edge. I absolutely I love it.

There’s a single sprig of sage and a couple of rosemary shoots in there (somewhere!)

I thought it would be fun to show the anatomy of my post processing on these photos. You can click on the photo below to view a it at a higher resolution.

I took these pictures this morning around 11AM with my Canon 5D Mark II. There is a window to my left and to the back right of the subject. As you can see I still had to bump the exposure up. I made minor adjustments in photo 2 manually and then in applied a VSCO Film preset in photo 3. My plan was to use my manual adjustments, but then I fell in love with the changes from the preset. I did have to adjust the front light, but I love the flat highlights and shadows from the filter.

(The image below was automatically resized by WordPress to fit within this blog column and for some reason photos are lightened during this alteration…)

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