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Seattle with Megan

Megan and I have been scheming about a creative and hopefully inspiring design project together. Our destination was Anthropologie to look at some of their beautiful magazines, but of course we had to make a couple of pit stops for lunch and dessert! I’ve been wanting to visit El Camion since it was featured in Seattle Met Magazine as part of their cheap food and beer segment. Seriously, how can you say no to delicious (and beautiful!) tacos for only $1.45 each!

And YES, we went to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. I’ve decided that I feel like I’m cheating on the shoppe if I don’t visit when I’m in Seattle.

Megan: Salted Caramel / Melted Chocolate
Bethany: Honey Lavender / Melted Chocolate

A few of our iPhone #lovetheoneyou’rewith Photos.

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