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Potted Herbs & Post Processing

In my experience I have not been very good at keeping house plants and herbs alive. Not enough water, not enough sun, sometimes too much and then aphids appear. Something usually gets the best of them and it’s not me. In fact, this is probably the third herb I’ve purchased from Trader Joe’s over the […]

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Church with a little ‘C’

This post is about the church with a little ‘C.” Not that which includes the entire Bride of Christ, but instead the local church… I guess this part of our story started in 2008 when we left our local church here in Tacoma. It was a very painful transition. Still, I am amazed at how […]

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Tacoma Farmers Market

There are some dark spots on the leaves of our pear tree in the back yard so we decided to make a trip to the Farmers Market to talk to the master gardeners…  Haha, the truth is I really wanted to try Ice Cream Social‘s new flavor: Coconut Chocolate Almond. Ryan’s stipulation: I had to […]

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