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Oh, by the way….

Did I mention we are getting another puppy?

Ever since Atticus joined our family last fall, we’ve hoped that we could get another dog. He really dislikes being alone and you can tell he’s meant to be part of a pack. He absolutely loves being around other pups.

Well, when our friend Kate announced she was having two litters we were intrigued. One of her mama’s (Piper) was pregnant with her final litter and she was bred with a blue pocket beagle. After some time thinking about it, we decided to join her waiting list for a puppy. (Hilltop Pocket Beagles)

On April 7, 10 little puppies were born to Piper and Scout (Atticus’ mom). They were beautiful and we had first pick. Prior to their arrival, Ryan and I had hoped for a lighter colored female puppy… And when the final puppy showed up, there she was! Exactly what we wanted. A beautiful red faced little girl. In keeping with the literary name theme, we decided to call her Charlotte. After the intelligent singing spider, of course.

The photo on the left is Charlotte at 7 weeks old… I’ve also included a picture of her mama, Piper, to show how similar they look! Isn’t that amazing? She’s a mini-Piper!

And here’s my plug for pocket beagles… They’re amazing. Atticus is an incredible family dog. He absolutely loves kids and they feel the same way about him. When we took him to Seattle’s Pike Place Market there were probably a dozen folks who approached us wanting to pet him. One of the best parts (do not attempt this with your own children), was when a mother told her child to come give Atticus a kiss (without prior permission!) Naturally, the child walked up to Atticus and pecked him on the nose. Atticus reciprocated the kiss! At 9mo old, Atticus is just under 13 lbs. So, if you’re looking to add a canine to your pack family, consider buying a pocket beagle from Hilltop Pocket Beagles… Kate can ship them across the US.

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