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We’re taking a roadtrip!

So the photo isn’t entirely true. We are only roadtripping across half of the country. 😉 In just a few weeks Ryan, Atticus and I will be making our way to visit my family in Iowa. It will be our first major roadtrip together and I’m really looking forward to it… Well, mostly. Recently Atticus hasn’t been a big fan of long trips in the car. I think he expects we are going to abandon him in the car. He gets a bit anxious when we slow down and approach a parking lot. Too many trips to the grocery store has left him jaded. Poor fella.

Anyway, today I booked our two Iowa-bound camping sites in Idaho and Wyoming. Sadly this roadtrip’s focus won’t really be about life on the road. Yes, I do hope to make a few stops for some photos, but our goal is to keep-a-movin’ so we can get to Iowa in about three days and spend quality time with my family. That means Day 1: 9hours, Day 2: 10.5hours, Day 3: 10.5hours. Initially we planned to take I-90 both ways, which would be the most direct route, but we decided to take a different way there and then I-90 on our return trip.

1. Day 1: Saturday, June 22. From Tacoma to Three Islands Crossing State Park in Idaho. A pretty campground located on the Snake River. Pioneers from the Oregon trail often frequented this location! Who didn’t love playing that computer game on (authentic) floppy disc?! It will be a quick overnight but we are grateful for the showers and a place to rest our heads. (Photo Credit: Idaho State Parks)

2. On day two: Sunday, June 23, we will be traveling through Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Our pit stop for the night will be at a small RV campground in Cheyenne, WY. Apparently they serve hot BBQ every night. Yum! (Photo Credit: 33 44 66 NPS Trip)

AmyMay 29, 2013 - 9:06 pm

We’re excited to see you guys! I never read blogs anymore, but happened on here tonight for whatever reason 🙂 I didn’t know if you’d be coming or not so it was a pleasant surprise. I hope your travels go well!

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