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Flowers and Atticus.

I have loved seeing all of our flowers bloom this Spring! Aren’t these tulips beautiful? I wonder how old they are. The yellow ones with the painted stripes of red are so pretty!

So, Atticus’ mom and another mama pocket beagle had puppies yesterday… They are so beautiful and sweet. I decided that I would take some photos of Atticus today and also look through some previous ones from last fall. He has changed so much! His nose and face got longer and YES, so did his body! So slender!

This one is from October 31, 2012.

I took the photos below earlier today. I have to make so many silly noises to get him to pay attention to the camera. He used to be so intrigued by me… Not anymore. I bore him. 😉

Omigosh, you know what this face is, right? Ahrooooo!

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