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Some birthday love…

Last week I celebrated my 31st Birthday on March 13! 🙂 I can’t believe I’m in my 30s… Wow. Anyway, I had a couple of close friends over for cake and felt so loved. Ryan bought me a Tacoma Tiramisu cake and it was delicious! Check out my other super sweet gifts from the girls. (VSCO Film settings for @Megan…)

Birthday Cake: Kodak Portra 160+ // Faded/Toning – Fuji // Faded

These are mini Gerberas! So dainty and sweet. Thanks Jami! Love you!

Flowers: Kodak Portra 160 – // Faded/Toning – Kodak 2 // Faded // Temperature, Shadow Tones & Saturation Adjustments

Gah!!! Isn’t Mr. Whoover SO adorable? I love him. AND he came full of yummy cookies! Thanks, Jenny!

Cookie Jar: Fuji 400H – // Faded/Toning – Kodak 3 // Fill Light, Highlight & Shadow Saturation adjustments

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