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A few days at the beach

Towards the end of the campaign, Ryan and I decided it would be fun (and a source of much needed rest) to take a few days off of work and head to the beach. We knew the weather wouldn’t be the best, but were excited to find a good deal a the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach. If you look up Adrift on TripAdvisor or Yelp you’ll find mixed reviews including some folks who raved about the minimalist and eco-friendly hotel, while others complained about the refillable toiletries. Personally, there were details I enjoyed (the toiletries, cucumber water in the lobby, loaner bicycle cruisers, puppy friendly and just a few yards from the beach) and others that “weren’t my favorite” (in particular, the black paint on the wall behind the bed). And the food at the hotel’s restaurant, Pickled Fish, was unique and delicious.

We arrived Monday evening and enjoyed dinner at the hotel’s restaurant “Pickled Fish.” Ryan dined on Crab Macaroni and Cheese, while I opted for the Duck and Roasted Ancient Grains. (Day two: Lamb and locally foraged mushroom stew – Bethany, Elk Chili – Ryan and we shared some Truffle Fries) We were both very pleased with our meals and enjoyed a short walk on the boardwalk, accompanied by a few stars and a partially covered moon. The clouds hung around most of Tuesday morning but they didn’t keep us from the beach.

We’ve been leashing Atticus since we discovered he hurt something in his little shoulder… But set him loose once we reached the sand. He loved climbing on the driftwood and running after Ryan.

We really enjoyed the simplicity of our room and the view of the ocean. It was beautiful watching the weather come and go… Sunshine, clouds, rain… Everything moved and changed so quickly. We spent several hours reading and eating… and eating some more. We were so grateful for the lobby’s complimentary organic local roast coffee and cucumber water.

(Notice our slippers up on the shelf… To save them from becoming a puppy toy, of course)

Pastries from Cottage Bakery: Ryan (2) Apple Turnovers. Bethany (1) Danish Crispie – that was soggy & very disappointing, (1) Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll, (1) Bismark with custard filling.

Atticus climbed on everything, chewed on everything and forced us to remove everything from his reach.

I spent a few hours journaling and processing the campaign and election. It’s been an interesting season and I’ve learned a lot about how I respond when life is hard… It hasn’t been easy. But I’m so grateful for Jesus’ sustaining grace.

Every day we love this doggy more and more… He’s been a source of joy, peace and testing. I’ve learned so much about being out of control, living in the unknown and praying the last foreign object he ate won’t kill him.

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