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Fall Food : Wednesday

I’m republishing this blog post from last year… My blog was hacked earlier this year and I’m not sure if I can salvage any of it. But I’m going to try. Starting with some super yummy fall foods. Love, Bethany


Fall Food : Wednesday was canceled this evening. Actually, the food wasn’t… but the photos were! We made Rosemary Crusted Pork Tenderloins with a side of Green Beans. My friend, Megan and I were busy all afternoon and into the evening with another project. It wasn’t until almost 7PM, that both our stomachs started rumbling and we decided to make dinner. It was DELICIOUS. We dipped the pork in Honey Mustard and I have to say it was a tasty choice!

Now, for our little project… Megan had the idea of creating a ‘little’ how-to video… demonstrating some of the simple joys of life. Simple like salt & pepper. 🙂

We shot the video at my apartment using the Canon 5D Mark II. 50mm lens. Natural light.

We had a blast, but it definitely took longer than we expected!

Popcorn from salt & pepper productions on Vimeo.

Video shot with Canon 5D Mark II.

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