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I’ve been MIA… I know.

The last time I wrote on this blog was a little over one month ago and SO much has happened…

First off, we’ve received over 130K signatures – which is over 100K signatures since I last wrote. This is amazing and has been done by faithful Washingtonian hands all over this state. We have seen miracles all month where God has opened doors in so many communities and has brought finances when we’ve asked. We’ve been meeting every Monday for prayer and I’ve been so blessed by these times with my campaign manager, grassroots director and our dear friend Ginny. I also have to testify about the wonderful volunteers who have been so faithful coming into the office each day and week. We sincerely couldn’t do this without them. Phew! Please continue to pray for our efforts and that God’s truth would be made known in this state. And that His bride would be faithful to defending marriage – the picture of His son and the church.

Ryan has been finishing up some videos for The Rescue Mission here in Tacoma and we also celebrated their 100 Year Gala a couple of weeks ago. He edited a video for their celebration that was held at the new LeMay car museum. I was again reminded by how gifted he truly is in telling story. I’m so blessed to be his wife.

We have still been attending The Pathway Church in Tacoma and this weekend have loved blessing our neighborhood alongside our community group. We picked up almost 5000 pounds of trash and old junk from them and took to the dump on Saturday… And this afternoon we’ll commence the holiday weekend with a barbeque among some of our new friends.

Ryan has taken up quite a bit of golf these past few weeks. He and Nate scored a couple of video jobs at golf clubs and he’s loved playing and improving his game. Saturday he went with our pastor and they had a blast together.

On another note, Ryan and I flew to DC for a three day whirlwind trip a couple of weeks ago. May 15-17. At the end of March, my mentor Chuck Colson fell horribly ill with brain problems and a couple of weeks passed on to be with Jesus. So many of us around the world were heartbroken over the loss. It was so unexpected and he was out speaking at his own conference when he fell ill. When he was in the hospital after the initial brain surgery, Ryan had told me we could go to the memorial if there was a public service… True to his word, we picked up a few weeks later and headed to DC…

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