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My website was hacked.

About a month or so ago, all of my sites were hacked. It was pretty sad and since then I’ve been working on sites far more important than my blog. I tried to save my content and thankfully I was able too… except all the photos… So, I’m trying to rebuild.. Slowly… If you’d like to peruse previous posts click here:

In the meantime, I’ve been busy working on projects with the Family Policy Institute of WA, Preserve Marriage Washington, volunteering at CareNet… My mom came out to visit. She bought me a sewing machine for my Birthday. Ryan has been training for CareNet. We’re still working on our video project with The Tacoma Rescue Mission. I’ve taken a few photos here and there. Made some curtains for our apartment. I finished Christian Behavior by CS Lewis and now I’m reading Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We’re searching for a church again. We’ve also been reading this incredible book in anticipation of Easter.

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